Medicolegal Work

Medicolegal instructions are accepted from legal firms throughout the British Isles. Although Dr Mumford is based in Scotland, it is possible for him to travel to see a claimant in their own home, or if preferred, in the offices of their legal agents. Appointments can generally be offered within six weeks of receiving formal instruction. Following interview and examination of a claimant, the completed report is usually available within ten working days.

Dr Mumford’s scale of fees is based on £985 per hour, with the majority of cases taking five or six hours of time. So most cases are charged at £4,925 or £5,910, plus £495 for secretarial services. The total is subject to VAT at the prevailing rate. If additional travel is required, or if the legal bundle is large, then the charges are inevitably higher. Cases in Ireland are charged at EUR 1200 per hour.

These terms make assumption that settlement of invoices will be within 30 days following submission of the completed report. Deferment of fees for a period of one year or to the conclusion of the case, whichever is the sooner, can be negotiated, but fees are then increased by 15%.

The division of instructions received from solicitors acting for the claimant and firms acting for the defence is approximately equal.

Dr Mumford is a Certified Fellow of the Expert Witness Institute, and is familiar with Court procedure in Scotland, England and Ireland.